Micama boasts a long experience in the shoemaking industry and a great knowledge of the territory and of the other entities engaged in this field. For this reason, in addition to different manufacturing techniques, it offers personalized consultancy, too, in order to follow those customers who would like to create tailored products.

Seen as a reference point for every kind of shoe processing, Micama helps the best artisans and the local firms to ensure a high-level quality and proficiency, just like Made in Italy knows how to do it.

Here’s an example of other manufacturing techniques that Micama can offer:

Binding wedges,

Fussbett binding,

Embroidery and stitching,

Accessories application,

Assembly of the bottom of the shoes and hemming.

Micama does not work only within the footwear industry, but it collaborates even with the production of belts, clothing, bags and accessories for motorcycles. Furthermore, it has some experience with many different materials, like leather, fabric, copper, raw rubber, foam rubber and plastic.