The company

The Micama company was born in Serra de’Conti in 1976, thanks to the commitment of Vittorio Carbini, during the period of major development of the footwear industry in our Marche region. Everything started at home, in a garage, with the shoemaking.

In 1982, thanks to the first son, Marco, the fast-growing business set up a new building in the local industrial area, where the story began, a story made of various productions, especially in the shoemaking field.

In the following years, the other sons too joined the company, first Mirko in 1992 and then Carlo in 1997. Now the team with father and sons is complete and the tasks become more and more specific and specialized.

In 1999, Micama started the production of covered insoles, while in 2003 Diego, Marco’s son, too, joined the company that can now boast 3 generations on its shoulders.

In 2004 they expanded the workshop and they built an external warehouse. In 2014 they started the production of the bottom of the shoes, while in 2015 they introduced the laser processing. In 2016 another external warehouse was created.

The company now boasts a 700 square meters workshop and the steady presence of 12 workers, reaching the peak of 24 in order to ensure maximum efficiency and proficiency.